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Solar Congress 2024

Collaboration for sustainability and the
well-being of future generations.

What is Remy's Good Day Fund?
Solar Panel in a garden

Remy's Good Day Fund (RGDF) is a non-profit organization which grants funds for programs on Tribal lands and in northern New Mexico villages. It was established as a 501c3 in 2013 by Donna Brown in memory of her son, Remy, who died unexpectedly.


Our mission statement "Collaboration for Sustainability and the Well-Being of Future Generations" guides us in making grant-making decisions. Since moving to Santa Fe in 2017, Remy's Good Day Fund has invested approximately $750,000.00 in 53 projects that support solar energy, food security with a solar component and youth-driven programs combating climate change.  Additionally, RGDF has gifted $86,000 to various non-profits that support women, climate change and education.

2023 Grantees

Remy's Good Day Fund is honored to have provided 13 grants (with over half to projects that impact indigenous communities) in 2023 to the following organizations:

1. TrueKids 1 - With a focus on youth media and technology the core funding supported “The Future of Food,” in collaboration with Red Willow Center, an indigenous-run non-profit on Taos Pueblo whose mission it is to reclaim the agricultural heritage of Taos Pueblo and restore its traditional food systems. The partnership produced videos of youth-driven Pueblo stories complimented by other youth-produced stories for public presentation/education.

2. Covenant Pathways Spirit Farm - The funds were used for “Supporting Community-Based Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Spirit Farm (regenerative farming) is partnering with Gallup Solar to provide workforce training and employment.

3. Microgrid Systems Laboratory - Phase 1 of "Indigenous Energy Fellowship Program," to support Indigenous tribal energy leaders in building essential knowledge in clean energy technologies, financing, development and management in order to integrate them into post-secondary and/or graduate studies and careers. A collaboration of Indigenous Energy Initiative, Arizona State University and Microgrid Systems Laboratory.

4. Santa Fe Indigenous Center - Support for Emergency Financial Assistance and for Cultural Sustainability Activities for the indigenous population served in Santa Fe County.

5. Santa Fe STEM - Advocates for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programming for all youth, especially under-represented groups.  The grant funds were used to finance their “Mentor students in-school on building Tabletop Solar Trackers and Smart Greenhouses” program.


6. Gallup Solar - The funds enabled the creation of Solar Team 7, which includes training for 10 members of the Navajo Nation living off-the-grid to install and maintain solar systems on their own homes or that of another indigenous person, often an elderly relative.  Priority is given to those who need refrigeration for medication.


7. Talking Talons Youth Leadership - RGDF provided assistance for the development and implementation of a long-term Youth Climate Education and Leadership Program that aims to identify, train and mobilize the next generation of leaders, change-makers and problem solvers in the face of climate change.


8. Dixon Community Fire Department - Benefiting the “Solar and Battery Storage Installation for the Emergency Management Center” to ensure reliable and sustainable power, as part of a long-term plan to create a communications hub to respond effectively to disasters.


9. Microgrid Systems Laboratory - Preliminary work on "Indigenous Energy Fellowship Program" - Part 2 of 3.

10. - Promoting & conducting sustainable projects in NM public schools. The intent of such programs is to prompt critical thinking about students’ habits of consumption and material systems.


11. Major Market - Emergency funding to support the 100% Zuni owned, carbon-neutral, grocery and meeting space.


12. Veterans Off-Grid - Supporting the solarization of earthships for veteran community in Taos.  VOG programs provide a sense of purpose, community, sustainability and peace for veterans in need on a 50-acre tract of land in Carson.


13. Cornerstones Community Partnership - “A Model Solar Adobe” demo project at Luna Community College to assist those who lost their homes in 2022 fires/flooding.

Latest News 
July 2024 Newsletter

Read about our 2024 grant recipients, specifically stories from Ground Stone Farm and Talking Talons. Click here for newsletter.

5th Solar Congress Meeting held at the NM School for the Deaf

Our 5th Solar Congress, held on June 7, 2024, was attended by over 40 participants from arond the state. The meeting was held at the NM School for the Deaf in Santa Fe, NM. The day centered on building and deepening trust and relationships, providing a space for presentations of community-centered solar projects, and exploring needs and solutions to advance solar equitably around the state.

Click here to read a report by Prospera Partners on our recent Solar Congress.

Meeting at the Dixon Community Fire Department in Dixon NM

Remy’s Good Day Fund made our seventh grant in 2023 to the Dixon Community Fire Department for “Solar and Battery Storage Installation for Emergency Management Center.”.  This is a preliminary step in a sweeping 5-year plan to become a communications hub for Dixon and surrounding towns.  After the traumatizing fires of 2022, the Fire Department is determined to have the necessary technology and resources to effectively respond to disasters and provide support services to their community.

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