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Solar Congress

The Solar Congress is an annual gathering of Remy's Good Day Fund grantees and solar supporters from around New Mexico.  Its primary purpose is to learn about the innovative ways our partner organizations are employing solar power to improve the lives of New Mexico's Indigenous and rural communities, and working towards energy independence.

This one-day round-table meeting showcases recent projects that illustrate a wide range of solar applications.  Their examples help stimulate thinking about creative ways to employ solar energy across diverse sectors and provide networking opportunities for building relationships to support one another's work.

Because Remy's Good Day Fund believes that the voices of the people we serve must guide our funding priorities, the Solar Congress also includes a brainstorming session focused on current community needs and how solar applications can help to address them.  These sessions have led to funding for projects that address solar education, promote workplace development, reduce food insecurity, expand access to broadband, and lower energy costs for organizations that provider direct services to under-served populations.

Remy's Good Day Fund welcomes new organizations as partners in our work  If you organization has a project that aligns with our mission, click the link below to learn about our grant guidelines and procedures.

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